4th Summer Residential with Paul Lundberg and Gill Hall 

in “Baile en el Aire”

Residential date – 24th to 30th July 2021


A Question of Timing 

The potential for action is always there, so why hurry? Waiting patiently, our intention becomes infused with the quality of each passing moment; centred and aware, our feelings and actions flow as one.

Revealing the Seiki Disciplines


First, let’s recognise our presence within Nature and Nature’s presence within us. This is our starting point; and always something to celebrate…

Our Annual Residential has been based on experiencing ourselves, and developing our Seiki practices, in the immanent presence of nature – the inspiring beauty of the mountains, the woods, the valleys and the streams…. the earth beneath our feet, the wide sky above, as it seems.

But the ancient philosophy of the I-Ching invites us to see things another way – the sky beneath our feet, the earth in every breath. How is this possible?

Ask a tree to explain.